Video Mini-Lessons

Pledge of Allegiance_

The Pledge of Allegiance with Mr. Estep, Dr. Quinter, and Mr. Franks. 🇺🇸

Copy of Rimmer STEM challenge hand sanitizer.mp4

March 26 Mr. Rimmer - STEM challenge “Hand made sanitizer”

Hershey Tin Can Telephones March 27, 2020.mp4

March 27 Sheri Hershey-Tin Can Telephones

Storytime in the Forest with Miss Joivell.mp4

March 26 Kristin Joivell -Storytime in the Forest


March 30 Stephanie Galloway-Maslanik: Mindful Breathing Exercises

From Cone to Pine Tree.m4v

March 27 Alecia McGinnis - From Cone to Tree read aloud and pinecone project

Easter Crafts with Mrs. McMasters March 31, 2020.mp4

March 31 - Kristen McMasters - Silhouette Bunny Painting and Plastic Easter Egg Cupcake Craft

Kelly Richner-March 31st Letter Writing.mp4

March 31 - Kelly Richner-Letter Writing

Rhodes Puparoni And The Rhythm.mp4

April 1 - Mr. Rhodes - Rhythm

Galloway-Maslanik ANTI-STRESS PUTTY

April 2 - Maslanik - Making anti-stress putty

Hess Earring Making Video

April 2 - Hess - Earring making

Abrashoff.April 3.MOV

April 3- Abrashoff- The Art Lesson


April 6 - Manayara - Writing a Haiku

Coffee Filter Butterflies and Dancers with Mrs. McMasters April 7, 2020.mp4

April 7 McMasters- Coffee filter Butterflies and dancers

3d drawing.mp4

April 8-Rimmer-3D drawing

OLLY and Miss Pam

April 9- Olly and Miss Pam Grugan

Customize name bracelets by
stomized name bracelet by Reese
Whipped coffee By

Whipped coffee by Anna

The Smith family baking
The Smith family baking show
Miss Pam & OLLY from Home, Social Distancing

Part 2 Miss Pam & OLLY from Home, Social Distancing

April 11, 2020 - McMasters Hallelujah Violin.mp4

April 10 - McMasters Violin

Earth day with Miss Pam and Olly

April 22 Miss Pam & OLLY from Home on Earth Day

Galloway-Maslanik Rainbow Meditation.mp4

April 28 Mrs Maslanik Rainbow Meditation

Miss Pam and Olly from home, washing hands

May 1 Miss Pam and Olly from home, washing hands

Galloway-Maslanik Some Days I Flip My Lid.mp4

May 2 Mrs. Maslanik, "Some days I Flip my Lid"

Miss Pam & Olly from home: Face masks

Storytime in the Pond with Miss Joivell.mp4

Story time in the Pond with Miss Joivell!

Movie on 5-18-20 at 2.42

Rainbow Challenge from Your Science Partners at Shaver's Creek.

Storytime in the River with Miss Joivell.mp4

Story time in the river with Miss Joivell!